A deep intensive healing journey way down the rabbit hole provides an opportunity beyond words.


A Vibranetics™ energy cleanse
leaves you feeling lighter and expanded.
A sense of peace radiates from within
as many issues and pressures are released
from your mind, body and soul.

Your body relaxes
Your "to heal" list shrinks.


Guided by a dance of our subconscious thoughts
your story unwinds.

We explore YOU as a multi-dimensional puzzle
observing cell clusters unwinding and
releasing your story
without words.

A flowing river of flushing trauma memories
release the roots of reaction patterns
intricately locked in your body and mind.

As tightness patterns release
You might share a quick thought as they whiz past but
this is not needed. Rarely can anyone share but a few words of their story
before we go deeper and move on.

Discover your reaction patterns as
we awaken Vibranetics™self-healing abilities.

If mysterious of sensitivities or allergies are driving your reactions
we can discover and experience your relationship to any type trigger.
With real time insight I can help you
conquer reactions.

There is no set formula for your healing journey. 
Your needs are dynamic and unique.
I meet you where you are during every moment.


”Thank you so very much for all you did. It worked!”
                    Ane C. Romero, Miss New Mexico 2005


When booking your first session ask yourself

how long is your "to heal" list.


To help you better understand the Vibranetics™ healing journey

I often give the example that we come into life as a long rope. Every time we feel hurt in life because of trauma or other hurtful situation a knot is put in the rope. With time, the rope gets to be very small and inflexible with complex knots.

Is your life stuck with complex health challenges?

These knots limit the effectiveness of blood and energy flow in your entire body which in turn can affect any organ system and set you up for illnesses. They can also affect your ability to effectively think, process information, express your true self and live the life you choose.

How many knots do you want to release and how quickly?

A traumatic event is a series of smaller trauma memories. We work to release the entire series of events which comprise the bigger event.

My job is to help you release the knots which are holding you stuck and guide you on your long term life healing path.  

When you know your commitment to your healing journey it is easier to assess and plan your session needs.


How long a session should you Schedule?

The session is 100% about you, your needs and your sense of healing progress. You can schedule a 1-4.5 hour intensive. You control of the clock and decide when it is a comfortable stopping point.

As we approach the end of the scheduled session, I give you the option to wrap up the session or extend the session if my schedule and room availability allows. You can choose to

  1. continuing until a natural stopping point or

  2. specify a specific additional time frame (for example 30, 60 or 90 extra minutes).

Beyond the first hour the session fee is prorated at your hourly rate for actual session length. In person pre-booked sessions which end early may have an additional room cancellation fee at cost.

I recommend you pre-book longer sessions to ensure availability. If you want an intensive daylong/week long workshop for yourself or group that can be arranged at a very nice location of your choice.


Why book a longer session?

Your session can be 1 hour but it is not always the optimal point to really get the critical healing momentum which my deeper work is known for. 

It is best to have sessions stop at a natural stopping point but for economic and other reasons I recognize this is not always possible. We do our best and here are a few thoughts to consider.

  1. If your are having a session to experience this process, release some basic trauma issues, and jumpstart desensitization of a couple pollen or environmental allergies, a 1.5 hour session can be perfect. A lot can happen this quick. You can always have additional sessions in the future.

  2. If you are hoping to move into deeper primal trauma work it is nice to have the safety of a longer session so we do not have to stop in the middle of a deep journey. In this case 1.5-3 hours is nice.

  3. If we find illness patterns driven by sensitivity reactions I will teach you how to dynamically navigate food or life sensitivities and we can desensitize you to specific environmental triggers. In this case 1-2.5 hours is nice so you have time to learn and cultivate specific skills which will help you minimize future reactions.

  4. The most common scenario is that all of the above are your reality. You are having trauma based and environmental sensitivity reaction patterns which need to be released and unknowingly you are reacting to specific foods which you need to learn how to navigate. Big patterns in your body are being released and you are in the midst of a major life purge or transition. 1.5-4.5 hours is recommended for a more powerful jumpstart in this case.

Please note: It is hard for me to predict exactly when someone will enter their Primal Trauma journey. It is typically during the first or second session but can be later.

The Primal Trauma™ Journey is a very delicate non touch process where a sense of safety is critical. The journey should not be stopped mid process. For this reason I recommend longer 2-4 hours intensive sessions for your first few sessions until you have this release. 

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

For many people a single intensive session will provide a good jump start to get you unstuck, begin your healing momentum or increase the momentum you already have.

Like an onion as we peel off layers many issues begin to easily resolve by themselves. Vibranetics™ methods you learned and practiced during your session help you continue this process for the rest of your life. 

Sometime stuck beliefs, tough issue or patterns may be very challenging to release by yourself and this is the best time to schedule your next session if you have not prescheduled.

I have worked with people who have had years of extremely challenging abusive patterns. and understand how rough the deep release process can be without a guide.

Consider A Series of Sessions

I have observed in clients that extra time and additional sessions promote a broader integration of the work and teachings into their life while facilitating a deeper embodied experience. As healing happens of old subconscious childhood issues which have been taxing your body in the background your immune and other bodily systems are freed to work on more pressing present day issues.

This investment in yourself provides a more extensive energy cleanse, a deeper balancing, and gives you additional time to learn and successfully integrate foundational Vibranetics™ teachings. Your lessons are customized for you to create the biggest future impact on your health and life healing journey.

Follow up sessions dynamically refine your powerful Vibranetics™practices after you have had a chance to experience using them in life. Refinement enables you to use them more effectively in the future. 

For most people, I find 3-10, 2-3 hour sessions will help them create and sustain incredible transformational changes. Some clients like to go deeper and longer than this, it is a very personal choice.

This commitment to yourself immensely improves your life and health. 

If you decide a series is the path for you ask about prepay specials. At the present time I am offering

  • buy 10 hours get the 11th as a gift from me or

  • buy 20 hours get 23 hours as a gift from me

  • buy 30 hours get 40 hours as a gift from me