My passion to understanding the depths of a person's psychology and what drives them to be who they are led me to minor in Psychology at UC San Diego (1982).

Childhood trauma and situations where people do not remember the entirety of their story but are heavily affected by its energies are of particular fascination.

When I read your life's energetic timeline there is a stagnancy, blindspot or dead zone during periods of trauma and recuperation. 

As I read your story and restore your timeline flow your body reawakens and subconscious trauma response patterns release. Stuckness in joint, tendons, muscles and organs transforms into a healing flow. Your emotions release and at certain points clarity improves.

A particular journey I am known for helps people release what I call their 'Primal Trauma™' reaction pattern. This rare healing experience amplifies all other healing efforts and should be a standard part of all mind, body healing and life transformation programs.

Releasing your Primal Trauma™ frees you from a sense of needing to hide from the world.

Releasing your primal trauma is the foundational first step towards healing and rebuilding all aspect of your life.

After the release you will be Gently guided at your own pace to Safely come out of hiding and explore A peaceful place beyond your cave.

Vibranetics™ cleans your emotional-energetic relationship to you, rebalances weaknesses and resets your life. We cleanse and reset identity, self love, reaction patterns and thoughts which are holding you stuck.


A Primal Trauma™ typically happens before 10 years of age. I believe most people have had a Primal Trauma™ experience but I have no way to assess if this is correct.

Your Primal Trauma™ was major for you even though others may not view it as significant. It can be as simple as losing a best friend when one of you move, or a more profound trauma such as a loved one dying, a parent going off to war, abuse or anything else which sent you into a hurtful state of loss and inner hiding. It typically happens after you are no longer spending hours a day in the baby loving arms of others.  

When the trauma happened you went deep within and got stuck in this place. For the next 2-3 years you lived in a state of deep sadness or pain until eventually you decide to move on. Your attention goes elsewhere. You may even forget your primal trauma story.

The inner hurt and reaction patterns subconsciously burrow deep in your body and act as a distortion filter coloring your relationship to all aspects of life.

Vibranetics guides you to release the old body and mind patterns which have been holding you stuck. You no longer live with the filters and reaction patterns.

With guidance from your inner spirit you are now ready to reunite with the real you and journey life on a powerful and new supportive path. You are ready to reconne

Beyond the Primal Trauma™ journey Vibranetics™ cleanses convoluted beliefs and prepares you to discover true identity, the depths of self love, family, relationship, abundance and other aspects of your wholeness.


“Maury has a sense of timing and patience that is impeccable. He has the ability not only to understand boundaries but also reinforce them. He is selfless in his practice and supports the healing of the individual one hundred percent. Maury has the ability to visit with a person that is consumed in issues and guide them to move into inner peace.” MP


Discover YOUR path. 

Reclaim YOUR life.