Early on my journey I serendipitously explored my mind-body connections

empathic abilities awakened

Empathic abilities allow me to subtly feel inside of me what other people are consciously or subconsciously feeling in their body. By simply tuning in to someone I feel their subtle reaction patterns to trauma memories, thoughts, people, sensitivities, and allergies.

intuitive abilities evolved

Intuition provides spirit guidance and psychic details as I navigate the timeline of your life. It helps me to understand the interactive mind-body energetic nature of your trauma reaction patterns. This powerful process shows me the way to quickly release old emotional patterns and accelerate healing of physical symptoms.

healing energies started to flow through me without any training

As I removed my hands from my wife's head while massaging her to help with a three day headache I discovered a balloon like magnetic field a few inches from her head. Curiously I played with this field and to our surprise her headache cleared.

For a dozen years I cultivated and developed my healing gifts practicing on family and friends. I then studied Medical Qigong in 2000.

"Your ability to change patterns is profound." AMB

I am always refining my healing gifts

I studied 575 hours of Medical Qigong with 4 teachers over 17 years. My studies guided me to cultivate a deeper understanding of the many facets of this truly incredible ancient Chinese healing system.

The questions of how to evolve and heal with nature's energy guides my work. Medical Qigong for me is a subtle essence tool box of healing experiences and wisdom. It has evolved for over 5000 years as lifelong students like myself on the path of mastery explore its secrets and pass them on to the next generation. 

40,000 hours of healing experiences have guided me to discover and explore many very unusual and creative ways to heal with energy

I was once a beginner in awe at the potency of energy to heal. Today many call me a master and yet the awe has never gone away. It actually drives me to better understand the richness of energetic potency and to extensively explore inconceivable realms of possibility. 

I am a forever student driven by the difficult healing challenges clients bring my way and surprising solutions which unveil themselves. My methods are driven by the art of feeling energy and working with it to encourage a subtle healing balance.

Abilities to understand and release extremely challenging Trauma, PTSD and  C-PTSD reaction patterns is a foundation of my gifts. 

A long time ago I noticed that trauma was a foundational component of the challenges my clients were addressing. To address the wide range of reaction patterns caused by challenging energies from domestic violence, abuse, and rape I found myself evolving my own unique ways to help people with these challenges.

Releasing a particular trauma of early childhood I call Primal Trauma™ evolved into a very specialized sub-niche. I like the Primal Trauma release process because it frees a person from the sense of needing to hide like a turtle in a cave. It prepares a person for the journey of reclaiming true self and self love in all aspect of life.


My work is a strategically exciting 5+ dimensional journey guided by
Empathic feelings + intuition + energy healing abilities. 
I sense the healing journey many steps in advance.


Reactions to Allergies, sensitivities

This gift is a very mixed blessing. I paid dearly for most of my life to finally attain a reasonable level of mastery in this field. It was an immense challenge with results driven by my 100% commitment to overcome adverse reactions in my life.

I have desensitized and "cured" reactions to many triggers such that I no longer react to them.
Triggers with choice such as food I prefer to consciously navigate to successfully prevent reactions.
Conquering reactions is an art of which I am quite good but not infallible. 
I am still on this journey.

So many issues which plague humankind are driven by triggered reaction patterns. I have developed methods to energetically simulate any potential trigger and observe a reaction pattern without the need to actually encounter the trigger. Energy-somatic reactions give us insights and guidance to minimize or prevent reactions.

Today I celebrate the gifts

While I have been an avid traveler my whole life I have always been extensively challenged by dust. Today I am on an open ended journey as a traveling healer stress testing and desensitizing myself to the many diverse environments I encounter. There are new challenges everyday as dust laden clouds from unknown places bring new challenges.