To schedule your session I invite phone calls 9-9 EDT (New York) or you can use the form below.

I am a traveling healer so sessions are by telephone or can be in person. Presently I am in the Key West, Florida area. Here is my tentative itinerary.

When scheduling or leaving messages, please list a few preferred days, times and your time zone location.

Please leave your phone number stated clearly with your message, even if I have it from the past. Include your time zone or city, state and country information as part of the message so I can best respond without needing to look up your information.


Thank you for being considerate of my time, I have a 24 hour cancellation policy or you are responsible for a $65 late cancellation fee. 

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Maury Brooks
Traveling Healer

Present Residence: Florida

Skype: MauryBrooks
USA Telephone: (00-) 505-216-6050

Session Length:

How many issues do you want to heal? A standard session is 1 hour but most clients choose to have longer sessions once they experience the process, healing momentum, and results.

To honor your newness to my Vibranetics™ healing methods you can either book a longer session and stop it early if this is not for you or as the end of the first hour approaches I may invite you to extend the session if time allows. You control the clock after the first hour. Often clients choose to continue until a natural stopping point. Some continue for 2-4.5 hours.

The right length for you is personal to you and understandably may be constrained by financial or other issues. Please let me know if this is the case.

Day long, week long, private or group intensives can be arranged.